I can’t get over how good this movie was. I wish I had watched it sooner but I figured it was a movie about a steamy affair or something and it is completely different from that. The title is not really appropriate for the interesting and touching movie you end up with. I saw a review that compared it to a cross between Step Mom and Rabbit Hole, which is a fair assessment. All three are great films that focus on family, love, loss, and grief.

My favorite thing about it were the extremely well written characters. They feel like real people, not one dimensional cliches that only exist in the movies. There’s no hero/heroine, everyone is flawed with good and bad in them. They’re all dealing with the ups and downs of choices they have made mixed with what life has thrown at them and I loved watching every second of it.

The performances in this movie are just out of this world. I think I loved what Natalie Portman did with her character even more than I enjoyed her in Black Swan. She was simply brilliant. Lisa Kudrow played a completely different role than we have ever seen before, showing off even more of her incredible range. The scenes between these two women are some of the best in the film, especially a very pivotal one toward the end that really had me going. I can’t tell you how enthralled I was with this movie at times and that hardly ever happens to me anymore. Scott Cohen (aka Max Medina on Gilmore Girls) also gave a fantastic performance which showed he should really be given more lead roles in films.

I really don’t get how they could have screwed up so much with the promotion and release of this movie. It’s truly a shame that it didn’t get more attention because it is so much better than many of the critically hailed films winning awards right now and people are truly missing out. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed it.
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  5. tothelovelybones said: Natalie was awesome in it but I still feel they threw in too much stuff which wasted it. Characters were great but yet again none of them developed properly IMO. Father-issues were kinda unnecessary, not uninteresting, just too much.
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